“NO Ordinary” is a sound festival based on experimental music.

The third edition of the festival will take place at Transcendance art space in Thessaloniki on the 8,9,10 of September 2023 featuring 6 acts of epxerimental music.

This time NOF-3rd edition features an intercultural exchange between Greece and Switzerland. Nine Improvisers coming from the experimental scenes of the two countries will meet and perform Adhcoc concerts for the first time.

Η τρίτη εκδοχή του No Ordinary Festival θα πραγματοποιηθεί στον αγωγό τέχνης Transcendace στη Θεσσαλονίκη στις 8,9 και 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023 παρουσιάζοντας 6 συναυλίες πειραματικής μουσικής.

Η φετινή διοργάνωση του NOF εμβαθύνει στον ελεύθερο αυτοσχεδιασμό και στην διαπολιτισμική ανταλλαγή μεταξύ των πειραματικών σκηνών της Ελλάδας και της Ελβετίας. Εννέα αυτοσχεδιαστές/στριες από τις δύο χώρες θα συναντηθούν και θα παίξουν για πρώτη φορά μαζί.

Production | Παραγωγή : AdhocArts | Transcendance

Curator | Καλλιτεχνική επιμέλεια :Dimos Vryzas

Location | Τοποθεσία:

Transcendance: Polixenis Antoniou 4 | Πολυξένης Αντωνίου 4

Doors | Πόρτες: 20:00
Concerts Start | Έναρξη: 21:00
(a bar set for the festival will be open from 20:00 until 23:59 | στο χώρο θα λειτουργεί μπαρ από τις 20:00 μέχρι τις 23:59)

Entrance | Είσοδος–> Suggested contribution per concert | Προτεινόμενη συνεισφορά για κάθε συναυλία: ≥5 Euros

Duration of each concert | Διάρκεια: ≈40 minutes

Contact | Επικοινωνία:

Website | Ιστοσελίδα:

Line Up:

Sky Above(experimental set) | Hans Koch(saxophone) | Nora Vetter(viola) | Philipp Eden(piano/electronics) | Simos Riniotis(drums/objects) | Giannis Arapis(guitar,Fx) | Danae Stefanou(piano) | Marina Tantanozi(Flute,Fx) | Andria Nicodemou(Vibraphone)

8 Σεπτεμβρίου | 8 September
21:00-(Trio) Nora Vetter / Simos Riniotis / Philipp Eden
22:00-(Duo) Hans Koch / Giannis Arapis
9 Σεπτεμβρίου | 9 September
21:00-(Duo) Nora Vetter / Marina Tantanozi
22:00-(Trio) Hans Koch / Simos Riniotis / Andria Nicodemou

10 Σεπτεμβρίου | 10 September
21:00-(Quartet) Danae Stefanou/Giannis Arapis/Philipp Eden/Marina Tantanozi
22:00-(Solo) Sky Above

Bios | Βιογραφικά:

Hans Koch has quit his career as a recognised classical clarinetist to become one of the most innovative improvising reed-players in Europe. He has been working with everyone from Cecil Taylor to Fred Frith since the eighties. As a composer he has shaped the sound of Koch-Schütz-Studer since the beginning as well as working for radio-plays and film. Since the nineties he has been working with electronics as an extension of the saxes/clarinets as well as with sampling/sequencing/Laptop. As a reed-player he is always working on his very own vocabulary and sound, which makes him a very unique voice on the actual scene.

Marina Tantanozi is a flutist and improviser also working in sound art. Born in Thessaloniki Greece, she is based in Basel, Switzerland, after some stops in Berlin, Maastricht and Zürich. She pulls from a wide range of musical influences such as jazz, new music and traditional Middle-Eastern music to compose a sound world where she extends the techniques and expressions of the flutes, combining voice, microtonal textures and electronic processing. Her creative processes focus on the notions of communication and temporality.

Nora Vetter plays with viola, electronics, voice, body, light and objects, improvises and composes in the wide field of experimental music, performance and installation, but especially in the vastness in between. Nora completed the Master of Music in Specialized Performance Contemporary Music at the Zone éxperimentale of the FHNW Basel in 2019 and is active in a wide variety of contexts: as a violist and composer for Semblance [FR] and latenz ensemble [CH], as an organizer and improviser with the collective Kulturbrauerei Luzern, as a performance artist with Urban Mäder, Peter Allamand and Pia Matthes, and as a dramaturg and theater musician with Sarah Klöfer.

Simos Riniotis is a musician/improvisor based in Athens , Greece. He is a founding member of the improvisational trio The Coal (Dimos Vryzas/Giannis Arapis) and the avant garde trio Skraut (Giorgos Varoutas/Xaris Lamprakis). Using a 3-piece drum kit and several objects (empty bottles, keys etc) as the basis of his sonic pallet, he attempts – at times with a minimalistic approach or occasionally based on a much more chaotic maximalism – to create a liminal space that can be defined as the meeting point of each participating voice. Apart from his regular collaborations, he has additionally cooperated with many important musicians and sound artists both in Greece and abroad.

Philipp Eden is a musician, improviser, curator based in Basel, Switzerland. His work, whether music-related or curatorial, is motivated by the intent to create synergetic exchanges between individuals and communities.
A central aspect in his artistic practice is improvisation; as an attitude towards life at large and music in particular — cultivating mindfulness, spontaneity, and openness and paving the way for connection. When working with sound, his main tools of expression are: (prepared) piano, analogue synthesizers, recording devices, everyday objects, and drums. His work is shaped by the ability to tune into people, the sensing of a given space and the practice of listening. This practice extends to his fascination with raw sound phenomena as found in the natural and urban environments. Although his music draws inspiration from a variety of sources, it’s the outer fringes, where genre delineations dissolve completely, that interest him most.

Andria Nicodemou is a multifaceted musician from Cyprus, specialising in the vibraphone, improvisation, interdisciplinary and interactive performances. Her music is characterised as “open-ended play”, where movement, theatricality, and sound are equally important. She has collaborated with important artists such as Joe Morris, Anthony Coleman, Marty Ehrlich, Ikue Morri, Tayler Ho Bynum, Anne La Berge, Tatsuya Nakatani, Ingrid Laubrock, Ab Baars, Gerald Cleaver, Gianni Lenoci, Ingrid Laubrock, Joe McPhee, Garrison Fewell, Laurence Cook, Guilermo Gregorio, Mani Neumeier among others and she has performed at various venues and festivals worldwide. Andria has published recordings with the Relative Pitch label in New York – “The Industry Of Entropy”, with Glacial Erratic Records the trio album “Raven” and with Subcontinental Records the album “River Is Full”. Andria is the co-founder of the award-winning Thread Ensemble from the City of Boston, the founder of the non-profit organisation Make Music Cyprus aimed at the development of the music scene and music education in Cyprus, and the founder and curator of the Breach Festival dedicated to free improvisation and experimental music in Cyprus.

Danae Stefanou makes improvised sounds and texts. She is Associate Professor and founding director of the Experimental & Improvised Music Ensembles at the School of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, where she also runs two arts-based research initiatives (noise:muse and Critical Music Histories) and supervises numerous graduate projects on critical historiography, sound studies, DIY and improvisational aesthetics, and issues of gender and politics in contemporary music.Her visceral, intensely tactile approach to sound and listening has been described as real-time composition “with no safety net,” and her acoustic explorations of the piano interior are often likened with the work of electronic composers. Active as a performer since the 1990s, she has performed, composed, and curated hundreds of independent intermedia actions and events in public spaces, DIY venues, arts institutions and educational establishments.

Giannis Arapis is a guitarist and a music teacher from Athens. His works are located in the field of experimental Jazz, Rock and improvisational music. He has collaborated with musicians such as Noël Akchoté, Johan Berthling, Jan Klare, and has released albums with Clean Feed, Ramble records and other labels. Some groups that participate are The Coal, Mammock and Alex Zethson Ensemble.

Sky Above is a DJ and producer from Thessaloniki, Greece, active for over a decade. He has passed through different sound crossroads, stimulated by a wide range of musical influences. Through the years he has created the music and the sound design for several art videos and performances. To date, his sound could be characterised as electronic, as his sets are comprised of electro, experimental techno, breakbeats and many more. On February 2018 he released his first LP under the name ‘Satellite Dinner’, a blend of dark atmospheres, drowned vocals, fast drumbreaks and unique patterns. On April 2022 he releases his second personal album under the name ‘Indistinct Objects’, a mixture of muffled atmospheres and night time forest sounds in a combination with fast rhythmic sections and shadowy patterns are all put together in an effort of deliver the feeling of the night and the otherworldly.
Latest Release: https://skyabove.bandcamp.com/album/indistinct-objects